Jo-Ro Jen

A Change of Pace



Head Games - A Change of Pace

7001 - 7003  Montgomery Rd.
Silverton Ohio 45236

There was a place in Silverton, Ohio where a man Indian Joe sold tobbacco related items. He also sold leather goods as well as High Times Magazines and incense. JoRoJen was a head shop during a time when cannabis was still highly controlled and people misunderstood the medical benefits. The store was a classic late 60s early 70 hippy head shop. Located at 7001 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati, Oho 45236


The store late became Head Games A Change of pPace when Joe moved to Montana to live with the Crow Indians on the Crow Nation. Joe died in 2015 and the store building was torn down to build a new UDF. The area once has a Pony Keg, a couple of apartments where I once lived. It was a time and place now gone to memories.